About Us

About us

Our Vision

TXTOmedia believes in the power of dynamic media to deliver informative and engaging support to a global audience. We believe that dynamic media is a key part of communicating with the modern consumer, who prefers to watch a video or animation, rather than squinting at a PDF on a smartphone.

Once integrated with our technology, it is our promise that existing, text-based documentation can be automatically transformed into video, animations and augmented reality applications.

Our Mission

TXTOmedia allows organizations to capitalise on their existing, text-based support content by automatically transforming it into rich media. Our technology is used by the B2C manufacturing industry, including electronic firms, software vendors and the automotive industry.

Our goal is to (co)develop technology in order to provide consumers and maintenance engineers with the best possible experience while using, studying and servicing products.

Our Founders

Wouter Maagdenberg (1975), CEO

Started his first tech company during his BA studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Holland in 1996.

Wouter sold his latest company (Enterprise Video Content Management), to SDL plc in 2011. He held the role of VP Media Worldwide at SDL until 2016, when he left in order to start TXTOmedia.

Wouter and Menno met in 2008 and have been working together ever since.

Menno Bolt (1970), CTO

23 Years ago, Menno started his career as a Multimedia Engineer, where he gained extensive knowledge and expertise within the digital video domain.

Menno left his position as Global Senior Solutions Architect for Video Content Management at SDL plc in order to join TXTOmedia.