Turning Structured Content
into ‘How To’ Videos

December 13th, 2018

Structured content is an ideal starting place for creating and producing rich media in bulk. A new technology created by TXTOmedia transforms this native and localized written documentation into rich media, such as animation, live-action video, and interactive visuals in an automated, fast, and cost-effective way — enabling versioning and respecting existing workflow processes within large organizations.

TXTOmedia supports XML and Structured Content in multiple languages which is then parsed by and transformed into rich media automatically. This allows you to take existing structured content and create video, slides, visual TOC, Hot Spot Images and Interactive Product Models.


  • ‘How to’ videos are the most watched on YouTube.
  • Adding video to your Technical Resource Center increases SEO tremendously.
  • Rich media creation, localization and versioning are no longer painful manual & disconnected processes.
  • Technical publications become more vital for marketing & sales.