Creating a video takes time, resources and a lot of money. If making one video wasn’t hard enough, creating dozens is a massive task, especially if you need to produce them in multiple languages.

Creating instructional videos from scratch? Stop! There’s a smarter way.

Does your organization create instructional and how-to videos from scratch? If so, you will already be familiar with how much time, effort and cost goes into this lengthy process. Now, thanks to TXTOmedia technology, there is a smarter, faster and cheaper way of creating videos. All we need to get started are your written topics and/or courses, which are ready to be transformed into video.

Automate the creation of instructional videos

If you have procedures or courses that need to be changed into video, the chances are it is already possible to automate the creation of your instructional videos. TXTOmedia is able to parse existing text content, in numerous formats, in order to create video, in an automated way. Alternatively, we can provide you with a baseline, i.e. Adobe Premiere, with your text, images and text-to-speech audio in place.

Stay consistent while saving time & money

By using TXTOmedia, companies can now easily publish their message on dynamic media, alongside print, PDF and HTML. There is no need to add anything to your current marketing content, we will simply create video by reusing what you have already written, ensuring a consistent tone of voice across all your publications. Since our videos are produced in an automated way, they can be edited as many times as necessary, keeping facts and figures current. You can continue to update and adjust your written content as much as you like, your how-to videos will be automatically refreshed.

Get ready to say goodbye to costly, static video and hello to dynamic, automated media! Want to receive a free sample? Simply contact us.