TXTOmedia launched its technology to transform existing written manuals and to turn them in comprehensive how-to videos on-the-fly, automatically and in more than 55 languages. “It takes only seconds to create such videos now, and our enterprise customers are overwhelmed by the possibilities and scalability,” says Menno Bolt, CTO of TXTOmedia.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on creating and translating carefully developed user and maintenance manuals, but users neglect these more every the day. Instead Google and especially YouTube have become the main source for every day support. User generated content fills in the gap left by the brands. Since they struggle with the high volume of topics to cover, for all their products in all the languages needed. But now there is a solution.

“More than 7 in 10 viewers often use YouTube to solve problems, and nearly half of all smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies with mobile how-to video content, so branded and trusted self-help videos matter more than ever before,” says Wouter Maagdenberg, TXTOmedia’s CEO.

Find the link to the press release here: Dutch Tech Start-up transforms existing manuals into How-to Videos