At TXTOmedia we often get the question whether our technology substitutes existing media creation facilities. The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. All depends on the rich media readiness of your content on the one hand, and the envisioned media format and style on the other. But for all scenarios we offer solutions.

XML –> Storyline –> Speech + Illustrations = Animated Video

TXTOmedia transforms existing XML-based content into rich media, such as video & slides to swipe. We generate the structure of the story, such as the timeline automatically. We transform important sentences and other text items to speech. And finally, we leverage existing media, such as stills, 3D-objects and video fragments to illustrate the defined story. Available media creation and video teams can play a vital role to improve the experience even more by upgrading content that was available and filling in the blanks.

Animated Video + Creative Team = Full Motion Video

On the other hand, TXTOmedia can empower the creative teams and improve their productivity tremendously. Instead of starting from scratch, media creation teams now start with an existing timeline & story to tell. They improve the existing experience, while all (in-screen) text and voices are taken care of in all languages by TXTOmedia.
In the past one created the whole video manually. Nowadays one only has to optimize the visuals in an existing production.bestofbothworlds