The Problem with Manually Creating Support Videos

The first thing we need to consider when creating support videos is how many topics we are aiming to cover. Typically, companies will have many topics which they would like to see featured in different videos. These topics may need to be suitable for a variety of different markets, they may also need to be localized into a number of languages. It is safe to assume we will be creating a large number ( hundreds or even thousands) of videos. It is not impossible to manually create these videos, but the time, costs and resources involved will make it a long, expensive and arduous job. Plus, there is the ongoing work required to manually maintain all of the videos after they have been released. It is fair to conclude: manually creating support videos is no fast or easy task!

Why not Automate Instead? Time to Recycle and Reduce

TXTOmedia technology has the power to take your written topics and automatically transform them into videos, radically reducing the time it would normally take to create support videos from scratch. We do this by taking your (structured) content, which is often found in manuals in XML or DITA formats, and automatically changing your text into speech. Our technology is also able to reuse, or replace, imagery. In this way, there is no need to create new content for support videos; your existing marketing and instructional material can be recycled. Since manuals are already localized, there is also no need for translation pre- or post-production, leading to substantial savings and eliminating the need to outsource work. Once videos have been created, they are automatically updated via the external source, keeping data and text consistently up to date without the need for manual editing. It’s all about reusing content and single-sourcing the video from the topic roots.

Automate, Accelerate and Save!

At TXTOmedia we strongly believe in good customer communication. By taking your user manuals and transforming them into videos, we are able to send a clear, single-sourced message, which can be automatically maintained. Our technology offers the smartest and most economical way of creating support videos in order to deliver a smooth and consistent journey for your customer. Want to find out more? Ask us for a free sample and see how we can use your existing content to create support videos!