Localize on-the-fly

By July 16, 2018Uncategorized

Dealing with video and animation in a multilingual environment is challenging. We know. International markets demand localized media, but post-production is most often painful, costly and time consuming.

Multilingual creation vs post-production

Even before you begin producing the original title, talk to us. We help companies solve their multilingual rich media creation processes from start to finish in a highly effective way. Don’t split media creation from initial (technical) writing any longer. Connect both and optimize multilingual production with TXTOmedia.

We turn text into media

Creating video and animation starts with a script or a story to tell. For most topics the script is already there, but in another format; published in a manual or as a help topic. Video teams and rich media producers need adaption of this existing source-content, but not TXTOmedia. Our technology turns the existing content into comprehensive media on-the-fly.

For more information, contact info@txtomedia.com.