TXTOmedia is pleased to announce a global alliance partnership with Signifikant Svenska AB. Signifikant is a Swedish independent software and consultancy company specialized in solutions for the Aftermarket.

The partnership will see the companies joining forces to help manufactures strategically build their aftermarket data. The aim is to capitalize on enriched text based documentation while scaling video creation for aftermarket sales and services.

Mattias Löfstrand, CEO Signifikant Svenska AB, says: “We believe that TXTOmedia’s video solution is an ideal complementary offering to our flagship product – the Signifikant Aftermarket Business Platform. Signifikant’s strong content aggregation and enrichment engine coupled with TXTOmedia’s video automation technology will offer manufacturers an innovative channel to interact with the consumers of their aftermarket information. I am excited to welcome TXTOmedia to the Signifikant family and look forward to supporting each other along the way.”

 Wouter Maagdenberg, CEO of TXTOmedia, says: “For us, this partnership comes at the right moment. We believe that the market is ready for B2B support videos, combining the best of what technical documentation, spare part management, and video technology have to offer today: shoppable support & how-to videos. TXTOmedia creates these videos based on the, by Signifikant technology aggregated, product information. Both staff and customers now get shoppable instructional videos. This way, not only do instructions become actionable, but ordering spare parts is now combined with getting the right instructional support in a how-to-use video format.” 

About Signifikant Svenska AB

Signifikant, is a Swedish independent software and consultancy company specialized in solutions for the Aftermarket. Backed by industry expertise and process know-how, we aim to be the preferred solution and service provider in the aftermarket sector for the manufacturing industry. With our flagship solution, the Signifikant Information platform, a state-of-the-art commerce platform endorsed by worldwide leading companies, we enable companies to get rid of messy data while improving aftermarket business.

About TXTOmedia International B.V.

TXTOmedia is a Dutch provider of Video as a Service solutions. Our cloud-based technology automates the creation and maintenance of videos at scale. It turns written support topics, maintenance procedures, training materials, and product marketing scripts into videos on the fly and keeps the videos in sync with its written sources. TXTOmedia videos support in-video commerce.