Dynamic Graphics

Synchronize graphics with dynamic text and data

What is TXTOmedia Dynamic Graphics?

Dynamic Graphics by TXTOmedia allows illustrations to be customized on the fly. Images are automatically synchronized with preexisting data and/or text. All data and text is dynamic, meaning it can be automatically refreshed via the external source, eliminating the need for manual editing. In short, images are given dynamic information, which is continuously kept up to date.

  • Data is automatically updated to incorporate the latest developments and trends.
  • Localized text is delivered in more than 60 languages.

Business Features

  • Works Standalone & Headless
  • 100% Global Brand control
  • Reduces Costs and Saves Time
  • Ready for Print, PDF & other Media

Technical Features

  • SaaS: Unlimited Media Power
  • High Security & Availability
  • Connects to CMS and CCMS
  • Open API

Let us tell you more!

TXTOmedia is transforming the way dynamic media is created.
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Boost Images

Now we’re communicating!
Use localized images to reach a global audience.

Vastly Improve Self-Help

A customer journey that is fast and easy.
Deliver information, answers and fixes.

Keep Graphics Fresh

Create images with dynamic text and data.
Provide reliable, up-to-date information.

Personalize Images

Create images with a personal touch!
Use personal information to customize text.


Automate Image Creation

Dynamic Graphics automates the creation and maintenance of images with dynamic text and/or data. We combine XML-based content with vector graphics, such as SVGs, to form dynamic illustrations.

Localize & Synchronize Images centrally

Images that need to be displayed in multiple languages need only be created once. Thanks to Dynamic Graphics, images are automatically synchronized with localized text, which can be written in more than 60 languages.

Connect CRM, CMS & CCMS

Dynamic Graphics connects to your CRM, CMS & CCMS to automatically create, and maintain, text and data values within images. Since all text and data is taken from a single source, it is possible to synchronize information across rich media platforms, as well as to maintain it automatically and at scale.

Automate and Accelerate

Dynamic Graphics automatically synchronizes images with localized text. Say goodbye to manual localization and speed up your time to market.

Capitalize on existing Investment

With Dynamic Graphics there is no need to create new material. Save money by reusing existing vector graphics and images, as well as XML-based values. Dynamic Graphics not only supports the creation of rich media, but also allows for publication in print, PDF and HTML.

Reduce Time Spent on Translation & Post-production

With Dynamic Graphics there is no need to manually localize images. Instead, images and localized text are automatically synchronized, meaning you can reuse translated text and values over and over again.

Instant Creation & Updates

Dynamic Graphics creates and delivers instantly. Personalization and localization of images takes minutes instead of weeks, saving both time and money.

Improve Self-Support and Save

Help customers to help themselves by communicating clearly. Dynamic Graphics allows companies to add localized text to images and write instructions that can be understood by a global audience. Adding personalized content to images improves the customer journey and decreases overall support costs.