Structured Studio

An automated journey from structured content to dynamic media

What is TXTOmedia Structured Studio?

TXTOmedia automatically turns content into video. TXTOmedia Structured Studio is a media creation platform that transforms XML-based content into localized, dynamic videos, and more.

  • Transform XML-based content into videos for use across all devices.
  • Reuse existing, written documentation as the source for your videos, saving time, and costs.
  • While you create instruction manuals, you create how-to videos at the same time.
  • Create localized videos at once, which can be updated on the fly to keep all up to date and in-sync.
  • Change the translated text into speech and communicate with audiences across the globe, in their native language.
  • Automate adding interactivity and in-video commerce to your localized videos and be able to maintain it.

The digital work instruction software often used by companies is called a Component Content Management Solution (CCMS). TXTOmedia technology ties into these solutions to automate the creation of instruction videos at scale.

Brakes. The brakes include: – Actuators on the handlebars – Brake cable – Brake calipers – Brake pads
Handlebars. A horizontal bar that attaches to the stem with grips at the ends that attach to the brake levers and the shifters.
Handlebar Stem. This attaches the handlebar to the steering tube (headset).
Frame. A bicycle frame is made of metal tubes that are welded together.
Front Wheel. The wheels include these parts: – Hub – Spokes – Metal rim – Rubber tire
Rear Wheel. The wheels include these parts: – Hub – Spokes – Metal rim – Rubber tire
Pedals. The two platforms for the feet that attach to the crank.
Cranks. A lever that extends from the bottom of the bracket to the pedal.
Chain. A circular set of links that connect the chainring to the cogs on the freewheel.
Gears. The gears include: – Front chain ring – Rear freewheel – Front and the rear derailleur – Shift lever on the handlebars – Cables
Seat and seat post. These install into the seat tube with a mechanism you can use to change the height.


Business Features

  • Works Standalone & Headless
  • 100% Global Brand Control
  • Saves Costs and Time
  • Omnichannel Delivery

Technical Features

  • SaaS: Unlimited Media Power
  • High Security & Availability
  • Connects to CMS and CCMS
  • Rich, Open APIs


Style Guide

Templates define the way your content is displayed and styled. Templates host data variables and match dynamic content from input files or CCMS sources. 


Document Parser

Structured content formats (e.g., DITA, S1000D, XML/XLIFF) are ingested by our platform. Data elements are processed and mapped, according to allocated templates and rich media formats.


Voice Factory

Text-to-Speech samplers transform written content into audio and form the baseline of our output. The audio is illustrated with existing imagery and/or video fragments.

Check out The Voice Factory.


Media Processor

TXTOmedia automatically turns content into video. Topic-based instructions are automatically processed. Resulting clips are matched with styling and brand guidelines.


Media Publisher

Generated rich media files are stored for download and distribution. Our technology connects to diverse (video) platforms for easy publication.


Video Library

Video Library is an add-on to TXTOmedia Structured Studio. It enables the dynamic creation and rendering of live action video based on the reuse of video fragments.

Let us Tell you More!

TXTOmedia is transforming the way dynamic media is created.
Visit our Solutions section to find out why.

Watch, instead of read

7 out of 10 YouTube visitors search for how-to content.
Create videos and give your audience a new perspective.

Optimize for Mobile

Sliders guide your audience through procedures step by step.
Voice and visuals for clear communication.

Open New Channels

Reach digital consumers and technical engineers.
Claim social media ahead of the competition.

Speak the Same Language

Text and Speech delivered in 60+ languages.
Optimize for online searches and be found by a global audience.

Automate Creation

XML-based content goes in, how-to videos, sliders and interactive product models come out. Structured Studio automates the creation and maintenance of your rich media.

Centralized Content Creation

Thanks to the ease of TXTOmedia technology, nontechnical staff can now create videos, animations and sliders, meaning there is no more need to outsource. Marketers can centrally produce both print and online material at the same time, thereby ensuring that all content is synchronized.

Connect CMS & CCMS

Structured Studio connects directly to your CMS & CCMS to automatically create and update rich media, at scale. Thanks to our technology, true single sourcing of all publications, print, PDF and rich media formats is now possible.

Accelerate Time to Market

By automatically synchronizing and updating localized text with images, Structured Studio significantly reduces the time needed for localization processes. Say goodbye to manual editing and save time and money.

Capitalize on existing Investment

Structured Studio reuses existing XML-based content to produce rich media. Since there is no need to write new material, companies can capitalize on what marketers and writers have already created.

Reduce Translations & Post-production

Structured Studio reuses existing translations of manuals, user guides and other documentation. These localized versions are directly transformed into video, eliminating the need to translate transcript files and localize post-production.

Instant Creation & Updates

The creation and localization of videos, animations and sliders takes minutes instead of weeks, saving time and money. In addition, automatic updates mean that data and text are always kept up to date, without the need for manual editing.

Improve Self-Support and Save

Help customers to help themselves by communicating clearly. Videos and sliders enhance learning and improve customer understanding, leading to a decrease in overall support costs.