Video Library

Automate the creation & localization of video

What is TXTOmedia Video Library?

TXTOmedia Video Library automatically creates animated and live action videos based on existing video fragments. Our technology converts XML-based content and video fragments into localized, dynamic videos, which can be automatically updated on the fly via the external source.

  • Create animated, or live action, videos automatically and at scale.
  • Reduce costs and production time by reusing existing video fragments.
  • Reach a global audience, with localized text and speech available in 60+ languages.
  • Update videos automatically for up-to-the-minute data and text.

Business Features

  • Works Standalone & Headless
  • 100% Global Brand Control
  • Saves Costs and Time
  • Omnichannel Delivery

Technical Features

  • SaaS: Unlimited Media Power
  • High Security & Availability
  • Connects to CMS and CCMS
  • Rich, open APIs

Let us Tell you More!

TXTOmedia is transforming the way dynamic media is created.
Visit our Solutions section to find out why.

Watch, instead of read

Visual instructions stimulate learning.
Communicate clearly and improve self-help.

Optimize for mobile

Mobile users require a different perspective.
Offer sliders and videos, instead of PDFs.

Open New Channels

How-to searches are growing 70% year over year on YouTube.
25% of shoppers have searched for a video of a product they’re considering in-store.

Speak the right language

Let your customers listen to voice-overs in their own language.
Publish native caption files and optimize search results for a global audience.

Automate the Creation of Videos

XML-based content goes in and how-to videos come out. Video Library automates the creation and maintenance of localized, live action videos by reusing existing, written documentation.

Centralized Content Creation

Video Library makes it easy for companies to produce their own videos, without the need to outsource. Marketers and writers can now create written documentation alongside videos for perfectly synchronized content. Producing content in a centralized way helps with brand control, as well as the global management of creation and maintenance processes.

Reuse Video Fragments

Video Library reuses existing video content. New fragments need only be created to fill in the blanks, minimizing creation time and costs.

Faster Creation of Localized Video

In order to speed up the creation process, video fragments are processed in the Video Library without text. Localized text and speech are added afterwards. This means that videos are created immediately, saving processing time and money.

Increase Video Production with ease

Video Library uses existing fragments to create new videos. In this way, companies can capitalize on existing material, which can be reused over and over again. Working with fragments, instead of complete titles, increases the productivity of your existing video resources and helps save time and money.

Reduce Translation & Post-production Time

Video Library reuses existing video fragments and synchronizes them with localized text, so there is no need for additional, post-production work. Say goodbye to post-production translation and editing.

Immediate Release

It is now possible to release new videos and localized variations at the same time. Video Library automatically creates localized videos, without the need for post-production editing. Video creation and localization processes now take minutes instead of weeks, saving time and money.

Improve Self-Help and Reduce Support Costs

Live action videos and sliders enhance learning and improve self-support, give your customer a better user experiences and help them to help themselves. By using Video Library, companies can reduce support costs.