Voice Factory

Transform text into speech in over 60 languages

What is TXTOmedia Voice Factory?

TXTOmedia Voice Factory transforms your XML-based text into speech, in more than 50 languages and 310 voices. We combine speech synthesizers from four different vendors including Google, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson and Amazon Polly.

  • Communicate with audiences across the globe, in their native language.
  • Enjoy the latest in speech synthesizer technology and SSML audio style guides.
  • Use standalone or as part of the TXTOmedia Structured Studio.
  • Easy integration with your CMS and/or CCMS.

Business Features

  • Works Standalone & Headless
  • Delivers Speech Immediately
  • Central Control of Global Voices
  • Fully Automated

Technical Features

  • Mix Voices from 4 Vendors
  • Switch & Update Voices Easily
  • Connects to CMS and CCMS
  • Integrates with Structured Studio

Voice Factory

Let Us Tell You More!

TXTOmedia is transforming the way dynamic media is created.
Visit our Solutions section to find out why.

Let your Voice be Heard

95% of YouTube ads are watched with the sound turned on.
Add voice-overs to your videos and break the silence.

Optimize for mobile

Mobile shoppers are 3 times more likely to view a video than desktop shoppers.
Tailor your dynamic media to suit the habits of your customer.

Open New Channels

Reach digital consumers and maintenance technicians.
Claim social media ahead of the competition.

Speak the Same Language

Let customers listen to local voices.
Optimize learning and improve self-help.

Automate Creation

Voice Factory transforms your existing text into speech for use online and across all devices. XML-based content goes in and localized speech comes out, delivered in over 50 languages and 310 voices!

Centralized Content Creation

Thanks to the ease of TXTOmedia technology, nontechnical employees can now create voice-overs for use online and with dynamic media product models. Marketers and writers can produce written documentation alongside dynamic media, meaning all content is perfectly synchronized.

Connect CMS & CCMS

Voice Factory connects directly to your CMS & CCMS to automatically create localized speech, putting the creation of dynamic media at your fingertips and eliminating the need to outsource.

Automate and Accelerate

Voice Factory uses a combination of four voice vendors to automatically transform localized text into speech. The process of creating localized voice-overs now takes minutes instead of weeks, dramatically speeding up time to market.

Capitalize on existing Investment

Since Voice Factory uses existing XML-based content, companies can reuse what marketers and writers have already created. Recycle written content and create voice-overs with ease.

Reduce Translation Time

Reuse existing translations of your manuals, user guides and other documents. These localized versions transform into speech directly, eliminating the need for additional translation time.

Instant Creation

Voice Factory creates and delivers instantly. The creation and localization of voice-overs takes minutes instead of weeks, saving both time and money.

Communicate Clearly and Enhance Self-Support

Let your customers listen to local voices and help them to understand your message. By improving the user experience and empowering customers to help themselves, companies can reduce overall support costs.