Videos are a crucial part of modern-day, online marketing. From launching a new product, through to customer support, video is a highly effective way of engaging with the customer. Now, thanks to an ever-increasing number of online and mobile consumers, more videos are being produced than ever before.

However, making a video is costly and demands a lot of time and resources. It is also tricky to make editions to a video (if it is even possible at all), meaning information may quickly become out of date. This is why TXTOmedia has developed a new way of creating video, one which allows companies to recycle existing content, in order to keep costs and production time low, as well as to edit videos once they have been created, so that content can be updated on the fly.

Our technology takes existing content and reuses it in order to create new videos, allowing companies to recycle what they have already created, rather than starting from scratch every time a new video is required. Think about a video like a wall built from lego; if we take the wall apart, we have building blocks we can reuse to create something new. In this way, we take video fragments, say from existing titles, and reuse them. New videos are made in an automated way, meaning they can be created very quickly and at a fraction of the original cost. Plus, it is possible to edit videos on the fly from the original source, ensuring data and content can easily be refreshed.

Another advantage of this method is that companies can maintain a consistent tone of voice throughout all videos that are produced. Since content is single-sourced, all videos carry the same tone of voice, so the consumer receives the same, coherent message at every stage of the customer journey.  Our method is particularly effective for creating how-to and instruction videos, based on existing marketing content and is perhaps best-suited for customer service and marketing-driven organizations, where end user assistance, as well as the education of staff and partners, is crucial.

Structured Video

It is also possible to create videos from existing, static e-learning modules, user manuals, quick guides and maintenance procedures. TXTOmedia reuses the structured content sources behind these manuals and courses to provide the basis for animations and video titles, transforming text into speech and print into video. This is the basis for replacing existing illustrations with valid, recycled video fragments.

Video recycling results in impressive cost savings of between 40 – 90% on production and up to 100% savings on localization and its associated post-production costs. We are talking about creating a whole video for as little as US$100. Find out more about working with TXTOmedia technology by contacting us.