Video Automation

Dynamic Media, including Video based on Structured Content

TXTOmedia video automation

TXTOmedia video automation technology turns structured content into videos. Your, often already existing, structured content files pass through our solution and automatically turn into animated and live-action videos. The technology enables creation and maintenance of large volumes of videos, especially in multiple languages, without the hassle and costs normally associated with video creation and its maintenance.

TXTOmedia technology ties into your existing (C)CMS platform. From now on structured DITA and XML content not only help many organizations to reuse content, be more consistent, and save on localization costs but also enable organizations to publish and manage videos at scale in an effective way.

This topic-based content management is key in order to be successful and efficient in dealing with these large volumes of i.e. technical documentation in print, PDF, online, and now even via videos.

TXTOmedia video automation technology enables organizations to extend on this route by transforming the existing source content into dynamic media, such as animations and live-action videos.

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Dynamic Layers & Fragments

TXTOmedia’s technology manages the various elements of video separately during creation. This way all elements are dynamic and reusable. Especially for maintenance and the localization of videos, this is the most cost-effective and time-efficient method.

Written text (from manuals, instructions, courses, etc.) is brought to speech. Other text fields are displayed on screen and illustrations are reused on screen, or replaced by video fragments.

From XML and DITA to Videos

The TXTOmedia video automation technology examines your files, brings designated text-to-speech, and reuses illustrations to create and update animations. Add the Video Library to even create and maintain live-action videos.

Timing of the created videos is based on the speech fragments that are created in the first place. This makes every localized video unique and guarantees a correct timing of the video, its subtitles and the display of any interactive elements.

Single-source media, multichannel delivery

TXTOmedia video automation technology not only extends the reach and lifespan of your existing content. The technology adds the ability to create, localize, and maintain videos at scale. This way new channels and audiences become in reach. Video attracts an additional audience, and adds the ability to manage new domains and channels, such as YouTube effectively.

With TXTOmedia it is possible to manage localized videos and publish them to your (localized) YouTube channels directly, and/or to host them on your video channels and platforms.

Mobile first

Searching for an anwer to a question or information in general often starts at Google. If the result is a PDF, the search for the right answer within this document continues.

Publishing online in a PDF format might work for your audiences working on laptop or on desktop computers. For mobile workers and customers it not always delivers an optimal customer experience though.

Direct access to relevant answers and instructions in a short video is often preferred by those mobile users.