Adobe Technical Communication and TXTOmedia hereby announce their partnership. TXTOmedia enables users to replace initial illustrations within Animated Videos (coming from the XML-based source files of manuals and procedures) with video clips in order to provide Live Action Videos.

Kick Start video production

Documents, topics, and procedures written with i.e. Adobe Framemaker are brought to TXTOmedia to transform these documents into Animated Videos 100% automated.

Existing import & export functionality between Adobe Premiere and TXTOmedia kickstart video teams working with Adobe Premiere, saving them precious time.

TXTOmedia transforms existing XML files from technical documentation teams, using i.e. Adobe Framemaker and/or CCMS systems to start their project with an existing timeline, audio, and imagery, so there is no need anymore to start with writing scripts or storyboarding.

XML-based content from a CCMS or i.e. Adbobe Framemaker is published to TXTOmedia.
TXTOmedia turns the XML into rich media, including audio, an EDL and an export bundle.
After an import of the TXTOmedia project file, there is no need anymore for scripting, storyboarding, building a timeline, or creating audio.
The video teams immediately start replacing images for video clips within Adobe Premiere, saves the project and exports it back to TXTOmedia.
TXTOmedia maps the work done by the video teams with the various audio and on-screen text files based on the localized versions of the XML-source and renders all localized videos at once.

This way video teams can immediately start filming already defined scenes and replace the initial images on the timeline with these clips. After exporting the project back to TXTOmedia, text-to-speech audio and on-screen text in all available languages will be added and rendered into localized videos at once.