TXTOmedia became the 2020 “Localization process innovator of the year for Europe” at the 8th PIC event which took place 29th of July 2020 at LocWorldWide42.

This innovation “Watch instead of read”, explained how text content in a document (e.g. a user manual) can easily be converted to translated audio as a voiceover creating complete localized videos. TXTOmedia creates the whole video product from text. This can radically reduce the effort and cost of creating translated videos and significantly improve time to market. As Wouter says, “The market life of the video assets is now far longer, and they are so much easier to produce, which makes technical writers like Jenny, ( the character in his pitch) very happy “.

One of our process dragons, Yuka Nakasone (Intento) added that “Wouter’s innovation has once again proved that we have some great innovators in our industry who apply unconventional thinking to solve common challenges and pain points. Not only did he create a technology product which challenges how we approach the multilingual media creation process, but he has proven this with enterprise case studies and data. What he showed seamlessly combines video creation and localization technology. This innovation clearly shortens time to market drastically and will help the production team stay on top of the process and save significant costs. The PIC platform is now a known entity inspiring innovators, we trust that backers and investors will see innovations like Wouter, and support them on their journey.”

TXTOmedia presented its connected Media Creation Platform enabling the transformation of DITA / XML, stored in a CCMS, into a video. TXTOmedia automatically brings text to speech, synchronize the display of illustrations and/or video fragments based on the audio, and offers the initial content on-the-fly for machine translation, so it not only provides the videos back in the original language but also (draft) versions of localized videos at the same time, which are editable via any CCMS.