TXTOmedia @ WebSummit2020

By November 25, 2020DITA, Video, XML & XLIFF

WebSummit 2020

TXTOmedia joins the Dutch delegation to WebSummit2020. Normally the annual event takes place in Lisbon, but due to Covid-19 all features online this year.

TXTOmedia & First Time Use experiences
In the world of technical communication, customer support and product marketing improving the customer experience dominates. Often TechComm and Customer Support only play a role in the after sales processes, but not for long anymore. Companies search for new and better ways to separate them from their competition. Inform their soon-to-be customers better and to reduce their carbon footprint. Technical documentation plays a vital role for companies to meet those goals in an effective way.

From Paper manuals to online How-to videos
TXTOmedia enables those organization to publish their existing content to for them new and additional channels, being video driven. Think about their brand’s learning academy,  social media and i.e. YouTube. People no longer like to receive redundant inbox materials; it’s carbon-unfriendly and hardly appreciated. a printed Quick Guide will do combined with a QR-code to a landing page with the full directions for use. Obviously one doesn’t want to scroll to page 300-something in a PDF on his mobile phone, so also the format of information has to change and adapt to what is dominating internet traffic anyway, being Video.

TXTOmedia turns text into video
TXTOmedia technology turns product information, support topics and chapters from user manuals into comprehensive animations and localized live action videos automated and on-the-fly. This not only improves the customer experience and SEO scores of your brand, but also aligns video content with your print channels, while terminology and translation investments are reused.

TXTOmedia @ WebSummit

We think the World is ready to listen to our story from this point-of-view. TXTOmedia normally addresses the Knowledge Management, Support teams and technical documention departments, but based on our recent experiences it’s time to start talking to marketing about how to improve the customer experience and first time use experience of their products while reducing their carbon footprint.