Watch instead of Read

By January 6, 2018Uncategorized

We all encountered the situation; How to solve a specific product issue?
Where is the manual when you need it? And where is the topic in the manual?
Online help doesn’t provide the answer right away either. And that PDF on your smartphone is far from ideal.
Let’s watch instead of read and follow those video links on YouTube….or not?

Ideally, the manuals, PDF files and HTML support pages, as we know them, all come from the same source; the company’s document management solution, where technical writers develop the needed help topics. From here all efforts to support us, consumers and maintenance engineers, are orchestrated. Depending on the maturity of the company’s document management organization and technology these topics either sit isolated with various product teams, just being written in a text editor and are stored in various places, or they are centralized in a component content management system (CCMS), where topics instead of manuals are written and edited.

Neither these CCMS solutions nor their typical users are video oriented. Sometimes document management departments do facilitate video production, either in-house or hired. But it is hard, even impossible for enterprise organizations to scale video production in a way that it can keep up with the speed of textual topic creation, its continuous versioning, and translation.

And that is why TXTOmedia is here to help these organizations, leveraging their topic-oriented CCMS, to transform existing text-based topics to video, in an automated way. Since most of these solutions are XML based, parsing its content in an effective way is possible, both from a technical & content quality perspective as well as from a financial and scalability perspective.

Because let’s face it consumers prefer watching a short video instruction instead of reading a topic somewhere in a manual. And in case they do watch that video, it better is yours instead of the one from a frustrated consumer bashing or molesting your products.



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