HP is a visionary user of video for support purposes. Due to the large number of topics covered by HP, together with its global reach, it provides an ideal challenge for TXTOmedia.

At HP.com you will find how-to videos, which are 100% based on HP’s technical documentation and automatically transformed into video by TXTOmedia technology.

HP’s content is received by our technology in an XML-format. By mapping the content structure to form video templates, TXTOmedia detects the applicable content within these files. We add text-to-speech and time visuals accordingly in order to create explainer videos, which are ideal for an online audience.

Not only do these videos improve customer satisfaction and reduce calls to HP’s support desks, they also improve HP.com’s SEO rankings. The text-based content that we use to generate these videos is also used to automatically create caption files. These caption files help to optimise search engine results, in a number of different languages.

The localized source content, which is used to generate paper manuals, PDFs and HTML pages, is the same source that we use to create videos and caption files.

We challenge you to go to Google.com and search for: “paper jam m607”