tcworld conference 2019, Stuttgart, Germany – Yamagata Europe, the European subsidiary of Yamagata Corporation, a global leader in content creation, translation and supply, today announces a strategic partnership with Dutch start-up TXTOmedia. Yamagata Europe will make use of TXTOmedia’s software platform to convert structured content into video.

Companies today generate a massive amount of technical, product and service information. And yet, despite that, end users often struggle to find the right answers to their technical questions. Users either get discouraged by lengthy and confusing technical manuals or become frustrated by unofficial, user-generated content.

An ever-increasing number of people go to Google first if they need assistance. Also, 80% of people who search online switch from text-based content to video when researching what products to buy. Therefore, the ability to provide how-to videos has become a priority for both technical communication and marketing teams.

Through their new strategic partnership, TXTOmedia and Yamagata Europe offer companies a way to regain control over the creation and maintenance of their video content and at the same time give end users quick and mobile access to the information they need.

Technical video content

Video is the fastest growing medium for product support and service content. With TXTOmedia’s software platform, structured content that is already abundantly available in most companies, can be easily converted into video.

As an experienced provider of structured content, Yamagata Europe will use TXTOmedia’s media creation platform to convert XML-based content into dynamic video. This can be offered to end users for use throughout the entire customer journey: from product evaluation during pre-sales, over technical support to after-sales service.

Complementary capabilities

“We have been creating and supplying multilingual product information for a variety of industries,” says Geert Benoit (CEO of Yamagata Europe). “Over the years, we have cultivated a vision and an approach for making technical content available through multilingual video. TXTOmedia finally offers us an easy way to do just that.”

“Today organizations struggle to convert their large amount of support topics into how-to videos, especially in multilingual environments,” says Wouter Maagdenberg (CEO of TXTOmedia). “Studies show that how-to instructions are more effective if they are presented in a multimedia format and provided in the audience’s native language. Yamagata is at the source of providing this high-quality localized content in a structured way. This combines beautifully with our technology. Together, we are able to extend our services by offering our customers large amounts of single-sourced multilingual videos, which they can maintain as well.”

About Yamagata Europe

We make everybody understand your message. Yamagata Europe is the European subsidiary of Yamagata Corporation (Yokohama, Japan) and group center of competence for translation. Yamagata Corporation is a global leader in content creation, translation and supply with a global presence in +10 countries and +2,000 employees. For over 110 years, we have been supporting companies in explaining their products and services across the customer journey in any language and any form.

About TXTOmedia

Watch instead of read. TXTOmedia is a Dutch-based technology company that believes in the power of rich media for support, educational and marketing purposes. TXTOmedia technology enables organizations to capitalize on their existing structured content, such as technical documentation, turning it into various rich media formats, including video, in an automated way. For more information, please visit